Calibration Problem with SNAP 6.0

I am trying to calibrate the S1A_S3_SLC__1SDV_20160826T224539_20160826T224604_012777_014219_6688.SAFE. It worked fine with SNAP 5.0 but had following error with SNAP 6.0:
A Problem occured during the target product initialisation. Type: OeratoException
Messane: Calibration should be applied before deburst

Have any idea? Thank you.

Are all updates installed? Select Help > Check for updates in the menu

Thanks for your tips. However, I still have the same problem after updates.

Have you already deburst a product and now you are trying to calibrate it?
The message is saying you should calibrate prior to deburst

I didn’t deburst the product before calibration. The first processing step was calibration. I had no problem with SNAP 5.0 on the same product.

this is a StriMap scene?

Yes. It’s S3.