Can Case 2 extreme (C2X) version applied to Sentinel-3 OLCI data for turbid coastal water Chl and TSM retrieval?

I applied C2RCC processor to OLCI data for Yellow Sea which is the coast of eastern China with extremely turbid water, but the result is not so satisfiying. I also applied C2RCC processor to Sentinel-2 MSI data for this coastal region and I selected the C2X set of neuro nets, the result is more realistic with the in situ Chl and TSM data. I have noticed that for OLCI the C2X neuro nets set can’t be selected, will it possible to add this option for OLCI in the next release of SNAP?

The C2X nets are not available for OLCI because the extreme ranges affected the performance of the processor on clearer waters. The ranges used for training neural nets for OLCI C2RCC sufficiently cover many situations in coastal and inland waters.