Can idepix be called in snappy?

I can resample and do bandmath in snappy but in between i want to use idepix to create the necessary masks before calculating ndvi. I couldn’t find the function here:

Yes, you can use it.
Just call

GPF.createProduct(“Idepix.Sentinel2”, parameters, sourcproduct)

for S2 MSI data, as for other operators too. Or use “Idepix.Sentinel3.Olci” if you want to process OLCI data.

I’ve explained in this post what you can do to find the right parametrisation:

Hi @marpet. I’m also trying to use Idepix via snappy. However, I’m getting this error:
RuntimeError: org.esa.snap.core.gpf.OperatorException: Unknown operator 'Idepix.Sentinel3.Olci'. Is the name correctly spelled?

did something change in the past years? By the way, I have SNAP 8 installed with the latest Idepix plugin. It works fine via the SNAP GUI.


Yes, maybe two or three years ago the names have changed to simplify and harmonise the names.
The operator for Idepix is now named Idepix.OLCI.

You can look up the name of an operator in the about dialog of its GUI.

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