Can not covert CRS coordinate system of ALOS 2 PALSAR 2 to WGS 84 (or WGS84/UTM) after process in SNAP with STBX1

Hi colleges,
I have a scene of ALOS 2 PALSAR 2, which was downloaded as CEOS format from G-Portal (JAXA) at processing level 2.1. I can open this scene in SNAP, do the calibrate and speckle filtering. However, I can not do the reprojection or export to Gtif, ENVI formats with attached CRS.

What I need do to?

  • Export the image to Gtif/ ENVI formats with a CRS (says WGS84/ WGS84 - UTM 49 N) after the processing in SNAP.

What I can not do and need help?

  • Exported image comes without CRS. GIS softwares (QGIS, ArcGIS) can not recognize the CRS from exported image and I can do nothing with this image for further analysis. In SNAP, I can see the coordinates (pls refer to img1 and img2 attached), and seems it works right since I can overlap my mask over the image.

So, how can I export the image in this case?

Further points:
I checked the original image (ALOS 2 PALSAR 2) in ENVI and see the following CRS:
Geo: 15°52'47.87"N,107°56'6.58"E Map: 171759.0239,1758061.5328 MGRS: 48PZC1434257862 Proj: UTM, Zone 49 N, D_International Terrestrial Reference Frame 1997

Assuming that CRS is UTM, Zone 49 N, D_International Terrestrial Reference Frame 1997, how can I convert to WGS84/ WGS84 - UTM zone 49N? I can not find this CRS in GIS softwares.

Warm regards,