Can not export S2 data to GeoTiff

hi marpet
please help me with above error
i want to convert sentinel 2 data to geoTIFF format but i get an error showed in this image
could you tell me how to sold this problem
thank you.

As it is stated in the message, you need to resample the product before you export it to GeoTIFF.
As you might know S2 has three resolutions (10m, 20m, 60m). We can’t store multiple resolutions into GeoTIFF.

Please invoke Raster/Geometric Operations/Resampling from the main menu.
I would also like to ask you to create a new thread for a new question.


Hi Marco

I have converted successfully sentinel 2 data to geoTIFF format.
Your hint is very useful.

Thank you alots
Tuan Anh

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