Can SNAP display image instantly after loading the data?

SNAP is powerful in processing satellite image data, I suggest it can display image just after having loaded the remote sensing data, currently there involves many steps for dispalying images: opening, right-click the product name and select open RGB image window, choose the band combination…Sometimes it seems a little bit tedeous. In most cases I display image in default combination,e.g. Sentinel-2 MSI in natural color bands combination.If this frequently used combination can be set in ‘options’ menu , then user can examine the displayed image at once and feel more efficient.


I think it’s a good idea to simplify image opening, we will investigate this.

Thanks for the nice suggestion lxw241.

Indeed, this can be useful.
We already have a similar ticket in our issue tracker.
[SNAP-9] Define preset image views by product type - JIRA (