Can´t open Sentinel 2 file

Hi there. Im testing SNAP in Windows and encountered this problem. I have it with both in 64 and 23 bit versions. A message appears “no appropriate reader found”. Im using a mac book pro with Windows 10.


Hello Juan

Does your SNAP have the S2 Toolbox plugin(s)?

The reader uses the high level XML (in post-6th of December 2016 products it is the MTD_MSIL1C.xml). Are you using that?



S2 MPC/CC Operations Manager

Hi Jan

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I have the plugins installed as I downloaded the last version of SNAP for Windows in the ESA web page. I tried to open the same image with the Mac OS version in the same desktop and I opened it without any problem. Another issue that I´m having is with the Mac OS version in a desktop MAC. I install the program but no icon to run it is available, wether in the desktop or in the SNAP folder, so I don’t know how to run the program again if I close it. I have installed different versions but have the same issue. I welcome your advice as we are testing a business idea which is going to be presented in the ESA BIC Madrid in June, so we are trying to test the most suitable/stable/cost effective software for our purposes. SNAP seems a fantastic tool but I have not been able to work smoothly so far. Advice about it´s maturity/testing in Windows/MAC platforms will be welcomed as well as this is a highly relevant decision for us, as we intend to invest in professional computers very soon.

Thank you and kind regards

Hi Juan,

Hmmm… Sounds painful. I have no knowledge of Mac usage, I’m afraid; I’m a Windows user, and your issues aren’t seen on my version. It works well for me - and I use it every day to analyse and QC Sentinel-2 data.

Maybe post your query in the Issues/Observations/Comments of SNAP 6.0 Beta thread? Marco (@marpet) might be able to help.



I haven’t heard about this issue, too.
Do you use S2 products from the SciHub? Which level, L1C or L2A?
Can you attach the log file here?
Reproduce the error and then go to Help / Show Log Directtory in the menu. The messages.log file will contain the latest logs.

Regarding the missing icon. I need to check this, but at the moment I’m busy with the release. Other Mac users haven’t reported this so far.
You can run it again by starting the snap script in the bin folder of the installation directory.

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