Can we include two write nodes in the developing a graph

I am developing a graph in xml which has several nodes and I defined the input data and output data paths directly. I want to save an intermediate node so I put a write one node in between and another at the end. Is it correct to mention two write nodes?

Yes. I do it often

When I write two write nodes, it is taking a long time (10 hrs) for the process without giving the result. Its showing a message
…10% database closed…
Also only the last output was generated and not the intermediate one.

I just retried it now and it worked. I don’t know what is wrong.

Some time ago, I also had an issue with computing time issues using graphs. Marpet helped me resolve the problem. Here’s the link to its response : Huge execution time difference between graph processing and “manual” processing
I don’t know if it’s related