Cannot export view to Google Earth KMZ

Hi everyone, I got an error when exporting data to Google Earth KMZ in SNAP when working with Sentinel 1 data. I open the image, right click on it and choose Export View as Google Earth KMZ. The error message as following picture. Please help me! Thanks.

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Maybe the filesize exceeds what is technically feasible. Try if it works if you zoom in to a small area. If so, the image might be too large for a kmz at full extent.


Thank you very much Abraun. It is exactly as you said.

hi, I also have the case that “it can not be exported”… I don’t know what happened.

how large (colums and rows) is the exported raster band and how much RAM does your computer have?

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My computer have 8 RAM.

You have an Out Of Memory error and your computer only has 8 GB of RAM. Maybe you can try to use the Subset operator to make the image smaller before exporting it.


as an alternative, you can resample the data to a coarser spatial resolution.

Also, why is your data stored as png? This might not be the most effective format.

I don’t know why it’s png, I’m just following the instructor’s instructions.

I made it smaller, maybe not enough. I am learning how to create a shapefile in ArcGIS to cut but have not found the tutorial that I want.

then would it make sense to ask the instructor? :wink:
We can only help when we understand what you want to do and why.

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I will do. I hope when I have a little question and I can explain the problem I am having, I can still ask you. :blush: :sweat_smile:

i done! :laughing:

Very good, how did you solve it?

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I tried to cut the image as small as possible. :blush:
I tried cutting before, but I found out I made a error. :sweat_smile:

Dear ABraun,

I finished the analysis through stamps. The number of the PSs was about 316000 as stamps said. But after exporting to google earth, I recognized that the number is much less so I re-export to arcgis to calculate them and the number of points was about 6000.I do not know what is the point that I missed. Help!

the kmz export defines the fraction of points which is used. If you type 10, you only get 10%


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Thanks alot!