Cannot generate interferograms from ALOS2 in s1bx?

Hi all,

I just follow the instruction in tutorial to import ALOS2 SLC data.

  1. Calibrate
  2. Subset
  3. Coregistration
  4. interferogram formation

However, I cannot do the interferogram formation as it said i need SLC product. But ALOS2 data products should be SLC products, right? Could you help?

Thanks a lot!


What options did you use in the calibration step?
Try to use complex output before subsetting and coregistration. Once calibrated to Sigma0 the data is no longer SLC.

If this also doesn’t work, skip the calibration completely and directly start (subsetting and) coregistration.

Thank you for your answer. I just found out that I used L1.5 GRD data. I should use SLC. Thanks for your help.