Cannot install and import snapista

I installed SNAPISTA in linux with new environment and python version of 3.9. It showed snapista is installed but when i try importing it, i am not able to import it. Also i got some error here which i am not able to understand. Please help and guide.

Importing snapista

Your installation failed because snapista was “found to be incompatible with your system”.

The Installation Page suggests alternatives for Windows and macOS, but those should also work for incompatible linux distros.

I am using it in linux. I tried googling it but glibc is the internal package and i cant edit it. changing it means i am disturbing the OS.

There are many linux distributions, and each of them has new versions, sometimes several times a year. Linux is written in C, and glibc is a commonly used runtime C library. Some linux distributions use a different runtime library. Each new linux version generally provides newer glibc versions. Efforts are made to ensure that software built using the previous glibc will still work. Each glibc has a list of compatible versions. Usually, glibc 2.17 is the oldest supported version, so more information is needed.

It is important to mention your linux distribution and version when reporting problems.

To check your runtime library and version, run ldd --version in a terminal:

$ ldd --version
ldd (GNU libc) 2.34

If you have glibc, check the list of supported glibc versions:

 strings /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ | grep GLIBC_

Good morning,
I’m having a similar problem when trying to install snapista.
I followed your instructions:

$ ldd --version
ldd (Ubuntu GLIBC 2.31-0ubuntu9.7) 2.31

and then

$ strings /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ | grep GLIBC_

So indeed, 2.31 is not listed. Is that something I can do to solve ths incompatibility? Or should I give up snapista on my LinuxMint Distribution

Thanks a lot in advance,
Q. Glaude

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