Cannot open .tiff files in STEP 8, Windows PC

Good afternoon, I have two PCs - a Windows 7 and Windows 10 both with 16mb of memory. I have .tiff files from an ortho-photo-mosaic that I cannot open in SNAP 8.0 either by using the Product Explorer or File>Import>Generic Formats>GeoTiff. The error message is " No appropriate reader found - Followed by the filename…can not be opened". File size is 214,201 KB.
BUT my Linux version of SNAP 8.0 opens the files perfectly.
Any suggestions how to solve the Windows problem?

Subject line " Cannot open .tiff files in STEP 8, Windows PC" – did you mean SNAP 8?

Are your SNAP 8 installations updated?

Windows 10 “Reliability Monitor” might have noticed the issue. Can you run gdalinfo in a terminal on each of your 3 systems? Before I retired we were providing data to Windows GIS users who would ask for GeoTIFFs and then report that they weren’t able to open the files. I encouraged them to try NetCDF4-CF, which heads of a long series email exchanges asking for details of metadata that are discarded in GeoTIFF (there are ways to presrve metadata in auxiliary files, but not yet widely supported) but preserved in NetCDF4-CF.

Can you put the GeoTIFF that fails in a public place so others can try to reproduce the issue?


have you tried to use File -> Import -> Generic Formats -> GeoTiff / BigTiff? Is this working?

The GeoTiff or BigTiff reader is actually not OS dependent.
Can you maybe provide the file, so we can test it?
You could send a download link via PM or I can tell you location where you can upload the data. Just let me know.

Good afternoon,
I’m glad I rely on Linux and not Windows! I replaced motherboard with a new Gigabyte Aorus B550, AMD 5 processor and 32gb of RAM. Reinstalled all software and SNAP modules and lo and behold all of the Geo-tiff files open instantly. Still using Windows 7 Enterprise Edition. I have no idea after years of working with Windows why the files would not open previously.
Thank you for your help