Cannot Open Unwrapped SAR Phase Image

Hello everyone,

So I try to open an unwrapped s1 SAR image after processing it through SNAPHU, but the program gives me this error:

Is there something wrong with my data or am I doing something wrong when just copying and pasting folders. Thanks for the help!

Maybe it didn’t complete writing the file. The error is an End Of File error meaning it got to the end of the file when the software was expecting to read more.

Thank you for the response. Yes, perhaps that might be the case. I get this description ( please see attached) from the error. (4.9 KB)

Hello Luis,
So I managed to solve the issue. The problem was that there were some files that were lacking when I was trying to unwrap it through snaphu (some files were omitted during the transfer between Windows and the Ubuntu virtual machine). Thank you for helping.