Cannot revert to SNAP 7


I tried using SNAP 8 and found it to be problematic. Graphs took much longer to process, SNAPHU unwrapping now fails repeatedly so I decided to revert back to SNAP 7. I uninstalled SNAP 8, restarted (twice) and when I try to run the install package for SNAP 7 I get the following dialogue box:

I am on a windows 10 machine. Intel i7-6700 3.4 ghz and 16gb of ram.

Any suggestions on how to remedy this?

have you tried to install SNAP 8 again and repeat the uninstallation?

No I have not, but I will now.

Just tried it with SNAP 8, getting the same error.

I had BRAT installed as well and removed that. Now it has worked. So I guess BRAT will interfere with installations in some circumstances.

With what software did you implement the “uninstall”?
-I did the same thing about a week ago, without any problems. I used the ccleaner to do the job.
perhaps you need to do a clean removal?

I (perhaps foolishly) used the windows uninstaller utility. Either way, I have Snap 7 installed again.

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still, the functionalities should not change with SNAP 8. As stated here, the plugins will be added separately for SNAP 8 SNAP 8.0 released

I see that it is now available so if you give version 8 a second chance, please try to install the plugin from scratch.