Cannot Run PolSarPro After Installation

After I installed PolSarPro and all of the other configuration programs it requires I receive an Application Error saying Error: missiong operand at @ in expression “round(150*@)”

I am not sure what is causing this error and how to fix it. I have tried uninstalling PolSarPro and restarting the computer, but I keep getting the error.

What is even weirder is that PolSarPro was working first thing this morning, but randomly this error popped up and kicked me off the program.

Is there a way I can fix it?

Have you tried installing it with administrator privilleges?

My user is the only user on my laptop with administrative privileges.

Hi, I had the same Problem with Win10. But I changed in POLSARPRO > Help > PolSARPro v.6 (Biomass Edition) configuration > PolSARPro SW configuration the “Widget Size / Screen Adjust” with RUN. In the Dialog window you can change the Widget Size Ratio. After you cab Exit and Save the new one. After them I had the problem that PolSARPro didn’t start and got the same error.

I have researched in my directories and found in the directory C:\Username\Application Data\PolSARpro-Bio_6.0.3\Config a file called “PolSARproConfiguration.txt”. In this file are the new settings of the Widget Size / Screen Adjust.

I did set the parameters to the original values and after them PolSARPro works again.

Eventually you have a problem with the configuration file.

PolSARproConfiguration.txt (70 Bytes)