Cannot save the session

Dear Community!
I cannot save my session:

Please help.
Win7/Updated SNAP Dektop 4.1.0

maybe you need to save the subset first as a new data set. File > Save as… (BEAM DIMAP).
Right now it is only a temporary subset. Maybe this prevents SNAP from saving the session correctly.

there is no option “save as” in the file menu. nevertheless i tried already around with “save product as” but did not help.

yes, I meant “save product as…” sorry.

Can you select a session name or does the error message pop up before the file menu opens?

the file menu opens up, then a dialog with -if its the case - unsaved / modified produts, followed by the error “message” which can be seen at the screenshot.

I just tried it. The session cannot be saved as long as the temporary subset is in it.

Select it and choose File > Export > BEAM-DIMAP and select a location and a name. The dataset is then written on your hard drive permanently. Then you can save your session.
The “Save product as…” function seems corrupt at the moment.

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thank you for your help! i tried to “save product as” and export the subset like you advised but unfortunately it does not change the error message

did you also try to explicitly export the subset in order to save it?

I could reproduce your error so I’m sure this is how to solve it.

yes: i selected the subset and chose file-export-beam-dimap

its strange: when i open an older session there is no problem when i want to save it.

maybe you need to remove the subset from your session and open it again from the newly stored location.

now it worked! but… really… i’ve no idea why. i went from “export” back to “save product as”. but this way, it did nor work before. anyway, thank you for your help!