Cannot select the bursts in S1 TOPS Split

I am learning how to use SNAP with SAR images and when I try to create a subset of a SAR image by selecting the sub-swath and the bursts, I open the popup panel to set the parameters by clicking on

Radar → Sentinel-1 TOPS → S1 TOPS Split

but when I click on the left button to scroll the bursts to the right it doesn’t move. Did anyone have the same problem ? Is there any other way I can select the bursts ? Thanks in advance

can you please share a screenshot of how it looks like on your side?

Sure, I am using, SNAP 8.0 latest version (OS Windows 10)

From the log file I can see some warnings and one error. I attach the file in case someone is able to figure out what is the problem.messages.log (75.1 KB)

looks alright. Now click on one of the arrows and hold your mouse button down while dragging the arrow towards the middle. This will update the burst number and the view accordingly.

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Terrible ! I didn’t think to hold the mouse button, I just kept clicking on it. Many thanks Andreas.

I’m glad it solved your problem!

Thanks again, and sorry for disturbing for such a stupid mistake.

No worries! This is what the forum is for :+1: