Cannot use "product set reader" in Graph Builder

Hi everyone,

I’m trying a simple manipulation using Graph Builder from SNAP. I want to calibrate from ENVISAT ASAR N1 data to Sigma Nought for a big stack of data (> 200).
When used for one image, it works perfectly.
But when I tried with Graph Builder and using “Product set reader” module, I obtain this message error : «Operator ‘CalibrationOp’ : Mandatory source product (field ‘sourceProduct’) not set.»

In the Calibration parameter, I mentioned I would like to use the Amplitude band information, I understand that the Graph Builder is waiting for this kind of information but it doesn’t work.

Could you please help me on this topic ?

Thanks a lot,


The ProductSetReader is intended for operators which can handle more
than one input product - for example CreateStack. Calibration only
handles one product so it doesn’t know what to do with more products.

If you want a calibrated stack, you will need to batch process first
with any of the pre-processing steps and the coregister.

Great, thank you, that helped a lot.