Cannot visualize a radar image after the last Snap update

I can see coordinates and the rough statistics but not the pixel data

sometimes the graphic card struggles to display the image. Please move to the Navigation tab and click on the P-symbol (one pixel in the raster per pixel on your screen). This usually loads a smaller part of the image more quickly. and afterwards the rest of the image loads properly (at least in my case).

Since SNAP7.0, SNAP really struggle to display “quickly” images. Even on SSD it is painful to open images. I have an old SNAP 6 version just for the visualization.

It’s possible to have both SNAP 6. AND .7 in the same machine, for instance under Windows os 10!

@falahfakhri Is it a question to me ?

Did you update SNAP to 7.0.1?

Yes, Please because I’m facing up similar problem, last SNAP update didn’t solve the problem of display delay processed data.

Did not use SNAP the last 48 hours. I’ve just seen the updates right now. I’m letting you know if things get better

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I don’t know if it improved, but it is still very much slower than in SNAP 6.

On the capture below, we have SNAP 7 on the left et SNAP 6 on the right. Note : the image is stored on a nvme SSD.

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I have the “official” SNAP release on the one-hand and a SNAP version compiled with sources :

Thank you for all the answers. In fact, I have to wait for some minutes for the image to appear. Now I stored it on the ssd. It appears more quicky.

That should not happen. Is that the first time you open the images on both versionn, so the image has not been cached yet?

Yes. I did not show it in the record it to keep the capture “light”. If already cached, the image appears instantaneously (in both versions).

With your computers, you have no difference?