Canopy height estimaton in PolsarPro V5, baseline estimation is missing


I want to estimate canopy heights out of Sentinel-1, Radarsat-2, TD-X and TS-X data (dual- and quad-pol) with the different algorithms implemented in polSARpro v.5. Therefore I am using different tutorials from Eric Pottier.
But unfortunately the tutorials name a function called “baseline estimation” that is used to create a so called kz file. This one is than necessary to apply the height estimation algorithms like DEM Differencing and RVoG inversion correctly.
For example in the function is shown in page 24 under flat earth estimation. I am using exactly the same version but I don’t have the button “baseline estimation”.
I also tried the older version 4.2 of PolSARpro. Here I have the button, but if I want to use it the warning “under construction” occurs.

So my quesion is:
How can I generate the required kz file?

Thank you

In order to estimate the height you need kz and flat_earth files. these files can be generated using PolSARProSim toolbox. Have a look at this tutorial that explains about it in more details:

Hope it helps!

Hello @MP389 ,
thank you for your help. I know that it is possible to estimate the wavenumber within the PolSARProSimulator, but than it is just kz-file for this simulation and not for my real data or am I wrong? Well maybe I can try to use the geometric configuration to create a kz-file for my data, what do you mean?
Thank you

I have as problem as you. could you explain for me how can i create kz file?

Sorry, I did not find a solution in PolSARpro either