Can't import vector data


I have SNAP 4, with all the toolboxes, plugins etc. I can’t seem to import vector data - all the options in the ‘import vector data’ tab are greyed out. If I try to drag and drop a shapefile I am told there is ‘No appropriate product reader found’. What am I doing wrong?

SVM classification in Sentinel 1A using SNAP
Classification of Sentinel 1A imagery

Do you already have data in your project?
It is possible to integrate the vector data within an existing dataset. Try opening a raster from your study area and then the option “import vector data” should be available.

New classification modes

Thanks - I was trying to open the vector data with a NetCFD opened - this didn’t work, but when I used a Tiff file it did. Cheers


I have the same problem. I´ve opended S2-MSI L1C data and a raster of one band. And all the options in the ‘import vector data’ tab are greyed out. What can I do?


This also happened to me once in a while. It should work if you select (click on) the name of the dataset in the product explorer.
_[1] S2A_OPER_MTD…


Ok, thanks. It worked… I thought I had any problem with the installation.


Is it possible to convert classified image to vector using SNAP??


No, this is not possible at the moment. But we have it on the development plan.