Can't open landsat 7 thermal bands

Hi, when I open Landsat 7 data in snap I only get bands 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 but I also need the thermal ones ( B6_VCID_1 and B6_VCID_2). The metadata names are ok and I downloaded diferent data several times, always the same problem… :frowning:
I guess Bands 6 are not radiance but “emission”. How can I open in the same project?


the thermal band has a coarser spatial resolution and is therefore not included in the stack.
Have you tried importing it as a raster and then use the collocation tool to bring them into one joint stack? Make sure you use the 30 m as a master so the thermal bands are resampled to this resolution.

I did it, but now I have the thermal values as 8bit signed (0-255) without units. If i know the min and max “real” values (included in the metadata) do u think I can calculate all the values? I mean, hoping that is lineal 0 = min; 255=max and 128 = mid.

as the thermal band cannot directly be translated to reflectance, you can (technically) rescale it between 0 and 1 to make it somehow comparable to the information of the other bands.