Can't open several files of Santinel-1 at one time

Hello all,

Recently, I had an issue with opening several files in SANP.

As the figure shows, I’d like to open about 30 images at one time. However, when I selected all files and clicked the open button, it only opened one file.

Is there anyone who meets this problem and has the solutions?

Big Thanks!

If you want to process all of them in the graph builder / batch processing mode, you don’t need to load them into SNAP first.
If you want to process them one by one - why do you want to load them all at once? Still it should be possible to do this actually.

Thanks for the advice.
Actually, I’d like to use the InSAR Stack Overview to choose the master image. Is there else solution to do this without opening the all images?

Thank you.

Oh, I see. This is among the few lists which don’t allow to load external products. @lveci could this be implemented?
In this case you are right, only loaded bands can be opened. But still opening all at once should be possible. Maybe one was not correctly downloaded and breaks the loading process?

Thanks again.
Actually, It worked a few days ago, but it failed yesterday.
I had tried this case on three computers (included Windows and Ubuntu), but all of them were failed to load all images at once. In addition, I had reinstalled SNAP, but it still did not work.
So, I think the software downloaded and the computer is fine.

Thank you.

Hi all,

I had just found the solution for this issue.
Just re-download the images you want to load.