CDOM estimation

How to retrieve CDOM from Sentinel-a by processor

You have probably already seen it, but as a start, an equation is provided in this study: First Experiences in Mapping Lake Water Quality Parameters with Sentinel-2 MSI Imagery

Thank You for kind reply , with your mentioned paper they used the band 3 to band 4 ratio for estimating CDOM concentration from Sentinel-2 imagery. but i could not able to understand that retrieving method … for better implement for CDOM estimate need a easy procedure. i hope your further advise will helpful to retrieve CDOM from S2 MSI.

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What aspect of the retrieval is unclear to you?

There is no one-click-solution in SNAP at least.

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where i can find step by step procedure to Obtain CDOM for case 2 water.

How to calculate band 3 and band 4 ratio for CDOM from S2 MSI ?

I think here you could find good and detailed example of Calculation Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM)

It’s possible to use bandmath to implement all the calculations.


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i am not used any instrument and I dont have in-situ reflectance measurements…I need only CDOM from S2 MSI…
May i know what is (band 3 to band 4 ratio) for estimating CDOM
How to derive CDOM from S2… because I know only Sen2Cor for atmospheric correction from L1 data after that what step i need to take retrive CDOM

I found this work for you, and I suggest you to google and find more results, the following has the procedure of processing sentinel - 2 to retrieve CDOM

Remote estimation of colored dissolved organic matter and chlorophyll-a in Lake Huron using Sentinel-2 measurements

Source :

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very thank you for sent article to all … Thats fine gives good basic info,

After C2RCC where i could get Bottom of reflectance by each band

More details about the results of C2RCC, you could find them in the following,


Source :

Also please take a look at the following,

C2RCC Processor

Source :


C2RCC – Water Quality from Space with the SNAP C2RCC Processor

Source :

on your first file i could not find any rtoa and any word like bottom reflectance .

In my previous post I tried up to show more details about the C2RCC and how it works,

However concerning the Sentinel - 2 Top-Of-Atmosphere (TOA) Level-1C and Level-2A Bottom-Of-Atmosphere (BOA) corrected reflectance product. Please take a look at the following,

Source :

Thank You…C2RCC processed data output file is L2A i could not find rboa in Band . for
Green to Red ratio shall i take L2A product rtoa reflectance value for estimating CDOM

There is no details of how you’re processing your data, but in anyhow, please take a look at the help,

Thank you… I did work to get Chl-a and TSM exactly what you mentioned above picture but also trying to get CDOM from same data …after Complete C2RCC process file look
like above i already uploaded

If i am not wrong after C2RCC process the new file which mean L2A product will come

If above point will right, from that output file what band (such as Rtoa , iop, rhow) i choose to get CDOM bandmath

After applying C2RCC, I found from your previous screenshot you got all the aforementioned bands.

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Yes thank you… from that Iop folder iop_agelb file is a CDOM value estimated from S2 C2RCC method?

I am not sure whether this i mentioned plot are correct but please give sugesstion about it

on plot , I considered CDOM as IOP-agelb in Y axis
and In X axis i put Ration of B3/B4.

In general you could take a look at the references of CDOM curves and correlations, about your specific issue, I’m sorry I haven’t clue.