Change band name

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is there an operator for just changing the name of a Band. Is it possible to get a Band seperatly as variable in some kind of format?

Are you working with SNAP Desktop? To change the name of a band you could simply right-click on it -> Properties and enter the desired band name in the properties table.

About getting a band separately, you could use subset or Band select for example.

I am using snappy.

Yes, of course, I hadn’t pay attention to the category of the post, sorry.

To change the name, you could use for example:


To get a band you can just use the previous function:


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You can also use the subset operator to tailor your data to a single band. The result can be written by ProductIO.writeProduct(…) or the WriteOp.

I wrote a function with which i take a band from a L1C product and subset it with ‘Landseamask’. For following working steps i need to set the name of that band with a function argument for example to default.

I tried the myProduct.getBand(‘currentName’).setName(‘newName’) command.
It kind of works but I get the error message: RuntimeError: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The Product ‘S2B_MSIL1C_20170929T102009_N0205_R065_T33UVU_20170929T102007’ already contains a raster data node with the name ‘savi1111before’.

I used it after i wrote a product.



band_name and new_band name are arguments of the function. (select_band(input_product,band_name,new_band_name,outputfolder,outputname):

Is it possible that savi1111before already exists? Maybe not as a band, but maybe as a mask? Do you add a shapefile to the product with this name?

It finally worked fine in the end it was a tiny spelling mistake of a band name.

Thank you!