Changes in pixel size after reprojection to lat/lon WGS 84


I am trying to classify an image using random forest. When I reproject the image to lat/lon WGS 84 coordinates, it looks the pixel size (in the X direction) gets reduced by a third. Not sure what I am doing wrong, would be really helpful if someone could throw light on this. Thanks in advance!

You need to provide enough detail to allow others to reproduce the issue: platform (OS with version), SNAP version and update status, input files, and the reprojection details.

Hi gnwiii,
I am using Snap 8.0 on MacOS. I tried to reproject a sentinel 2 image into lat/lon WGS 84 coordinate, but it looks like the pixel size is not preserved. I solved the problem by unchecking preserve resolution and manually changing the pixel sizes. Thanks for your time and reply!