Check the interferograms

Hello there,

I got some strange-looking interferograms

after I called my script by putting down: python2 project.conf in my Ubuntu terminal. I feel something is wrong there. But it said coregistration and interferogram computation had been completed successfully.

The weird thing is it only took me about 2 mins to finish one slave product which is too fast compared to 30 mins standard processing time as mentioned in the Snap2Stamp manual. Could someone give me some help? Thank you.
Also, this is my script. (4.9 KB)

The coregistration failed, but there can be many reasons. Was the master image processed correctly and do the subsets of all products after split match the same area.

Several temporal baselines are long for a vegetated area. C-band has its limitations.

Thank you for your reply. I was checking my sub-swath selection of the master image. I chose IW2, which seems to cover my Area of Interest. But you can see from the picture above, the AOI is right in the middle of two sub-swath, which is tricky to determine if IW1 or IW2 would be the best sub-swath.

True. I think PSI method will solve this problem. And I am on my way to get a result.

I found that the slave images have not been splitted yet.

maybe you can use data of another orbit?

Good suggestion. Will do. Before I start using a new orbit. It would be beneficial if you can check my ifg? This is mainly to see if my coregistration and interferogram generation is right or not? As it only takes less than 2 minutes to process one slave.

Although it is not a perfect interferogram (probably temporal decorrelation), it looks technically correct.