Choosing master in batch processing using TOPS Co-registration graph

Dear colleagues,
I would like to have a stack of S-1 ifgs being coregisted and resampled on one master , i.e. ifgs mst_slv1, mst_slv2, mst_slv3 etc. When I use TOPs coregistration graph in batch processing I can get only ifgs of the type mst1_slv, mst2_slv,mst3_slv etc. (my master being on the second position which is actually a slave in this case). This happens because READ operator reads in turn all the images in the list and READ(2) always reads my master image. Can I change this somehow to have common master on the first position and various slaves on the second? I am sure this is common to many people. Could somebody help me? The only solution which I have at the moment is to process all pairs separately without batch processing.
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I have a similar problem, it would be great to know how to mark the master image in the batch processing of an interferogram stack. I would be grateful for any advice!