Citation of SNAP/SNAP help

Hey guys,
How should I cite the usage of SNAP and especially the usage of the SNAP help for different tools?


How to cite SNAP it’s mentioned in the following post,

Source of the post

In case you need Sentinel data citation,

Source of the post

Thank you! I found the first one, but as it is really old I was wondering if there are updates on this topic.

I think also same as @qglaude advice, in this post Source of the post

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The citation is still valid. Just update the version as Quentin suggested.
Maybe you want to mention also a toolbox?
Then you could do it like:
S1TBX - ESA Sentinel-1 Toolbox,

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What about the documentation?
Just do something like
S1TBX - ESA Sentinel-1 Toolbox - Documentation, ?

Trying to cite every part SNAP can be overwhelming and counterproductive in some way (loss of clarity of how to get SNAP).

off topic :

Citing a software is more like a sign of respect and acknowledgment for the developers that are often the hidden part of the iceberg of the results produced by the scientific community.

In fact, it is not mandatory but is important for the visibility of the software, and in fine the statistical usage (number of downloads, number of results produced, …). I am not sure about SNAP but in many open-sources projects, these are important for the funding of these projects.