Classification Validation?

Hello everyone,

I was searching the forum and SNAP menus to no avail on how to validate classification results (and not the classifier) in SNAP. Can someone provide some help?

Thank you in advance

Do you mean an accuracy assessment of your classification?
You need validation data for this (besides the training samples) and it cannot be done in SNAP alone.

Thank you!

I just needed to be sure that SNAP couldn’t do that. I wanted to know if you could input validation polygons as you’d edit the training samples and compute a confusion matrix or something like that…

unfortunately not. But I can recommend QGIS for this.
The semi-automatic classification plugin (SCP) is great for that:

Thank you very much, I will look into that plug in.
Edit: Do you have to do the classification with the plugin or you can just import the result of the classification done with SNAP?

You can use the classificatios from SNAP. Just use the img file in the data folder of your DIMAP product.