Clear image requirement

Why am i no able to get the distinguishable image of my region in EUMETSAT? But the users in youtube get.

I don’t know. I don’t know waht you are trying to do.
Maybe you explain it in more detail?

I was in search of this(EUMETSAT) image because recently in the forest region which is near my location was on fire. So i just want to search this in Arial view of sentinel image and find out how much is affected.

Which satellite? Where have you searched? Could you give more details? Are you looking for optical data? Thermal? Which resolution?

Satellite is Sentinel-3. Searched in this ( website.No not optical data,but i just saw this link in youtube ( So i was in search of this type of image of my region. If I’m wrong in searching please guide me ma’am, to access this type of image which is shown in youtube link.

You are talking about this image?

This is an RapidEye image.
You need to contact to get the data.
It is not freely available you have to pay for it.
But if you are interested in NDVI you can also use Sentinel-2 data. It has not 5 meter resolution like RapidEye but for NDVI you can use the 20 meter resolution.
Sentinel-2 is if available at

Yes sir, same type of image of my region. As I have mentioned, forest was on fire.