Closing products

When I process more than 20 products and then I want to close them, it sometimes takes a very long time to do and everything is frozen for many minutes.

Are these products already in DIMAP-format? Which sensor is used?
How does your processing look like? Are you using the batch mode or the file menu?

And when you close them you are probably asked if you want to save them. Do you answer ‘yes’? Then it should take some time to save 20 products. What’s not good is that everything is frozen. By everything, do you mean everything in SNAP or everything of the OS. It is normal that you can’t work with SNAP while writing one or more products. You should see a progress dialog, but it should not be frozen. Are you already working with SNAP 5.0?

I’m sorry I was not clear.
The processing does not matter. No saving of products is needed
Only open many products. I open 20 radarsat-2 zip products
If I choose Close All. it is ok and fast
If I select 15 and choose close 15. it take a long time and all snap is frozen

OK, thanks for the explanation. This should be investigated. Closing 15 products should take longer then closing 20 products. I’ve noted this as an issue for the further development.


Also, if Close All Products requires saving, after the save no products are closed. This was in SNAP 6.0 beta.

Same problem. Snap v.6.0