Co-registration of Landsat-8 and sentinel-1 data


I need help with the co-registration of lansat-8 and sentinel-1 data. Is it possible in SNAP? if yes how?

if both of your images are geocoded and projected to the same coordinate system you can choose
Menu > Radar > Coregistration > Create Stack

Maybe it would be suitable if both input datasets have the same value ranges.

Thank you for your answer.

Does the SAR product have to be in SLC format or is GRD okay? and what do you mean by value ranges?

For stacking GRD is better, because the geometries are the same then. I edited my post above by the way.

By value ranges i mean the units of both rasters are different (reflectance vs. backscatter) so they should at least cover the same numbers. But you can try without first

Thank you and how would I go about changing the value ranges?

There are many approaches out there: rescaling, transformation, histogram stretching…
If you want something to click on (without much control) in SNAP, use the convert datatype tool and select uint8 as an output for both images. This scales their values between 0 and 255. Of course, you lose bit depth doing so.

Again: coregistering uses statistical correlations to collocate two rasters. It requires units of same scale though.
Projected (and terrain corrected) data can be simply stacked based on their geolocation. Units and value ranges of the inputs do not matter here.

Dear Abraun,

What is the difference between geocoded and georeferenced data? Would you be so kind as to explain?


just a different term for the same thing (at least for me).

Thank you ABraun