Co-registration problem using snap2stamps

i have a problem in the coregistration after successfully doing the splitting of the slave images the coregistration failed and I got an error as shown below. I split the master image manually for 1 burst however, the slaves are full sub swath. I tried to do the ifg because I thought it could automatically choose the burst however, it is not the case. if I do the processing on the whole sub swath I get an error: java heap space. add to that, i only need to do the psi on 1 burst but I don’t know how to do that. any suggestions?
thank you

The size of the slaves after split is determined by the coordinates which are defined in the config file Please make sure that they only cover the area of the master.

About the null tile error: Is your area located outside the SRTM coverage?

i opened the latitude and longitude of the splitted master image ( from the histogram data i took the max and min values). i provided these values in the config file. and i do not think that the area is outside the srtm coverage because i worked DInSAR on this area using Srtm DEM and it worked. the area is in the rhone alps in france (i found before on google that it is located within srtm coverage). i do not know if i made a mistake in how i got the values of min and max latitude and longitude i will try again. it worth mentioning that i didn’t use python script for the master image in fact i did the processing on snap manually.
thank you.

could you please share the config file and the relative orbit in here?

yes sure.

the relative orbit?

i just found out the problem is not with number of burst, see this back geocoded result of my burst.

i do not know why im getting this error.

i think it could due to the snap version i am using. i will try v6 instead of v7 i don’t have another idea so far.

I don’t see an error in your screenshots. I don’t get the naming rb.dim_20180321…
.dim is the suffix of the file type and should be at the end.

However, it is suggested to leave the name of the master as it is suggested by the Split and Orbit operators: Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

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okay now i get it, i choose two bursts (since we have spectral ehancement and deburst so i thought it could make a problem if we have 1 burst and these two operations run). i did not change the name of the new master image. and i ran the code. i hope it will work out.
thank you for your help.

very good. Two bursts are fine as long as ESD follows. This is standard for the snap2stamps package, but it requires some specific names to run correctly.

okay i will recheck everything. i still have an error: java heap space only right now. i will try to check the snappy files as recommended in some forum posts.
thank you for your help again.

This indicates insufficient memory. How much RAM do you have?

Ram on my pc 8G

Currently snap2stamps works for more than 1 burst. Next release (coming soon) will support also 1 burst

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