Coherence estimation from multiple images

Hi all,

I’m trying to estimate coherences from couples of Stripmap S1 SLC data.

Once I created a stack with all the images and coregistered them to the master one I launched the coherence estimation process.

What I get as result is a list of coherences computed from the following images couples:

  • coh1 -> between master and slave1
  • coh2 -> between master and slave2
  • coh3 -> between master and slave3

and so on. Is there a way to change the way the couples are chosen? What I would like to obtain is:

  • coh1 -> between master and slave1
  • coh2 -> between slave1 and slave2
  • coh3 -> between slave2 and slave3

and so on. All the coh(i) should be coregistered to the master.

Any suggestion?

There’s a new parameter in 7.0 that will allow you to do just that. In the coherence operator set single master to false.


thank you very much! I was using 6.0.

Is there a way to chose also which couples must be considered for estimating coherence and which ones must be excluded even though they are in the same stack? So not to estimate coherence from all the couples available in a stack but only from the chosen ones.

Dear lveci, my goal was to estimate all coherence for every couples in a stack of 6 images, which means 15 coherence. Then these coherences will be used to fit a exponential coherence fitting model. As you indicated to uncheck the Single Master box to achieve such results, however, it
it doesn’t work, and the error reported was shown in the picture. I did not understand what it means and how to solve it.

The input was a stack of 6 SLC images, on which split, apply-orbit-file, back-geocoding, ESD were implemented. And it worked when check Single Master, generating 5 coherence.