Collocate using gpt multiple inputs


I am working on calling gpt through Python which works great! In short, I am reading a list of images, creating a string command and then using the subprocess function in Python to call gpt.exe. This is all fine for single image processing such as generating coherency matrices or backscatter. Now, I am trying to use the Collocate tool to combine multiple SAR images and do something like this:

Read, Read(1), Read(2) … Read(n)–> Create Stack --> Cross-Correlation --> Warp --> Write.

I am having trouble with setting up my xml file and coming up with the resulting command. Attached is my working xml file.

Thank you!!

collocation_graph.xml (2.3 KB)

I solved my own issue, not sure if this is helpful for anyone but I am doing the following:

ProductSet-Reader --> Create Stack --> Cross-Correlation --> Warp --> Write

with the following command:

gpt “D:\cats\cats.xml” -PfilesList=“,,,” -PtargetPath =“manycats.dim”

These are the ProductSet-Reader and Write nodes:

1.0 ProductSet-Reader ${filesList}

… do stuff here…

Write ${targetPath} BEAM-DIMAP