Color Images and NDVI images

Hi all,
I am really new to the s2tbx. I have downloaded the last beta 2 version of the software on my laptop.
After several endeavors I am still having hughe difficult to generate:

  1. a color image from Band 2, Band 3, and Band 4 (are these correct?)
  2. a NDVI image from Band 4 and Band 8 (are these correct?)

I am using input data of this format: S2A_OPER_MSI_L1C_TL_MTI__20150819T171650_A000763_T30SVD_B01.jp2, is this correct?

In addition I do not have any idea of which functions I should use in the software to generate color images and NDVI. I cannot change the name of band_1 that is always the same for all Band Xi…
I really would like that somebody will explain how to use this tools. From the discussions posted in this forum, it seems that only high skilled in people in the sector can understand something.
But the end-user with general knowledge of QGIS or ARcGIS, should be in the conditions of using this tool in a simple way. No explanation is available. How is possible that there is not an user manual? Am I missing it somewhere?
Please help! I am sure I am not the only one having these kind of “basic” problems.

Thanks in advance

Hi Federico.

First of all try importing file with xml extension.

If I understood well your question cencerning color image, I guess you just need to import Sentinel-2 data of 10 m resolution and in Product Explorer right click on data and choose Open RGB Image Window and assign appropriate bands.You will get color compostie.
For getting NDVI you can use option Optical\Thematic Land Processing\NDVI Processor just be aware of Processing Parameters tab and assign appropriate bands (Red and NIR aka B4 and B8). Or you can use Band Maths…
Right click on band and under Properties you can change name of band. I´m not sure what problem you have with that because when I load data each band has different name (B1, B2, B3,…)

All the best,

Hi Milos,

Thanks a lot for your answer and useful inputs. I have used XML files and that helped a lot!
I could get the RGB colored image and also the NDVI in B/W.
I have another question: is there any tool that allows automatic classification of the NDVI such as a library or colorbar that can be applied to the final B/W image that I got for the NDVI?

Thanks again!

Hi Federico,

If you need just to add life to the final image through some colours adjustment, you can do by changing caractereistics of Colour Manipulation (middle-left part of the screen, there are several tabs).
Or if you need something more professional, maybe you can use Raster/Image Analysis/ and try with some clastering processes.
I´m not sure if this helps.


Thanks a lot Milos. I have followed your suggestions and results are really promising.