Color Manipulation - Options issue

Hi, I am running into an issue with the Colour Manipulation -> More options menu. It seems to open the same menu for RGB as for single band visualization, meaning that the Discrete values option is not available. Any idea why this is or how I could fix it? Do I need to change some setting?

What I get:

What I need:

you mean you want discrete colors for an RGB representation?

No I would like the discrere option for single band representation. But it does not appear as on the second image. I only get the RGB settings even though I have only single band… Not sure why, it used to work normally form me.

now I understand. I also don’t have the “Discrete Colours” option, but neither do I see a logic behind when it is available and when it is not.
Maybe @marpet has an idea.

@ABraun I think it should be available for single-band visualization, and the other one (the one I now get) should be for RGB visualization (the Source band option does not make sense for single-band).

I loaded single band products and it doesn’t show up either

The discrete option should be available.
After ticking the option:

All colour ramps are discrete:

@Tereza_S Do you have the latest version of SNAP? It looks like an older GUI.
@ABraun you don’t see the discrete option, too?

currently not

@marpet Hi, yes I have version 7 with all updates installed. There is currently no Discrete colours tick box showing for me. 2020-02-12_11h41_31

Once there was a similar issue:

But this was fixed. I wonder how it suddenly changed.
For me it works and I have also all updates installed. So we should have the same code base.
Only thing I can suggest right now is that you try to reinstall SNAP. We will have keep an eye on this issue.

OK, thank you I will try that. It seems then to be related to my installation.

As Andreas has the same issue. it is not only your installation. But the question is, under which conditions does this happen?

@marpet I am running snap on a Virtual Machine (ubuntu), it seems to happen on others with the same VM immage as well but not on another (also ubuntu) from different provider and with SNAP 6 installation.

Hello everyone!

I am having the same issue. No discrete values option. The strange thing is that I had this option some months ago and I was using it just fine. It has been a while that I haven’t needed it and didn’ t search for it but now I need it and it is not available any more. I am using Snap v. 7.

Can someone please help?

Dear all,

it seems that I had to restart SNAP and the discrete option appeared again.

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