Color profile for RGB Image channels


I’m starting to use the SNAP, following the tutorial at, but inside “Select RGB Image channels” window:

  1. I do know where I can find the “Sentinel 2 MSI Color profile”
  2. Which Bands should I select for R, G and B?

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Regarding the question 1, I ve realized that I was opening the data project in a incorrect way, once I choose from native resolutions to resampled resolutions, I ve started to see a RGB image color profile.

But regarding the question 2, I am still confuse if should I accept the bands suggested at window, or if I should to use other bands as for each color channel.

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you should use the bands suggested by the profile. This should give good RGB images.
If I remember correct it is


I had the same problem with opening the file. I received maps in files with different formats (.xml, .gfs, .json and. .tiff) from PlanetScope 4-band and could open it in QGIS. Now I have to convert it into RGB and when opening the windows I can’t enter a RGB profile. There are no options.
I proceeded like this:

Open the project
Open RGB Image Window
Select RGB Image Channel

How did you open it exactly? Which format, etc.? The bands seem to be selected already (R=1, G=2,B=3). So this is not a problem.

Thank you so much for your help (I hope the forum gets active again)

This is a bug (reported here) when no profile is available for a raster.
Actually, you can directly open the tiff in SNAP and select band3, band2 and band1 for red, green and blue to have a true color image. No need to convert it to an RGB in QGIS:

I actually tried to open the bands but I can’t (a warning pops up: failed to open image view java.lang…). I have three different tiff-files which are shown on the screenshot.

Strange. SNAP 7 will support Planet data at least and will be released within the next week. The Beta release is available for testing.

For SNAP 6: Have you tried saving it as a simple TIFF from QGIS and load it again?

The problem with the reading of the tiff files is an issue in SNAP 6 and also in the public 7-beta, but for the release it should be fixed. Still working on it. Solving it has more implications as first thought.

I was able to reproduce it with Planet data. As a work-around by now, I managed to get them in SNAP by opening them in QGIS and saving them again as a tif. Somehow the original structure is different than what is exported from QGIS.

Thank you very much for your answer. It is getting there. Now I have saved each of the six different layers as a tiff and could open it in SNAP (they where already a tiff). I anyway think that the colours don’t seem to be the right ones yet. It doesn’t look as a normal picture and they are 2 pictures with 3 “layers” each. I suppose I will have to build a mosaic.

  1. Do I need the three layers? (Screenshot 1)
  2. Seem the colours right to you? (Screenshot 2)

hard to say, but I think they are correct.

You can even make the mosaic in QGIS as virtual layer and then convert the final to TIF.

I finally achieved it with the your recommendations. The colours look eventhough the same as in the non mosaic one. Shouldn’t it look as a picture/screenshot from google earth but with better resolution?