Color table for phase images

Dear colleagues.
I’d like to ask for help in transferring the colors used for phase images from SNAP to QGIS.
Very often I have to show phase image in QGIS, but with same colors as in SNAP.
Does anybody has the QML file already?

I made one once, but it doesn’t exactly match the phase numbers and colors from SNAP. But maybe it’s a start for further refinement:
InSAR_rainbow.qml (1.7 KB)

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Dear Andreas, Thank you for saving me some additional work.

@ABraun I did my homework and now the QML file for the range -pi to +pi can be found here - InSAR_rainbow_HN.qml (19.6 KB)
I check it into QGIS - works fine and the result is comparable to those in SNAP.