Combining two Bursts

Is there a way to combine two singular Bursts into one?
Basically like a reverse “TOPSAR-Split” operator… instead of having to cut a subswath into two Bursts (in one file) I want to combine two Bursts.
Is this feature not implemented or am I missing it?
Thanks in advance!

Do you mean TOPS Merge?

Yes, that’s basically what I’m looking for… sadly it doesn’t work the way I would need it.
Here is an example of what it looks like:

The 2 Bursts were created with TOPS Split and written to GeoTiff (other formats didn’t work either).

Are these bursts from two different products? Then you need S1 slice assembly.
If they are from the same product you need S1 Deburst.

In any case, try to stick to the BEAM DIMAP format because it conserves all necessary metadata.

They are from the same product and I get the same results when trying it with the BEAM DIMAP.
Here’s the result of S1 Deburst (same graph as my previous post, just swapped the Merge Operator with Deburst):

I am still not quite clear about why you have two bursts stored in two different products. Usually, you select all required bursts within S1 Split and then perform S1 Deburst to merge them.

Yes, I know that you usually do it this way.
We’re working on a project that tries to store individual bursts in a database. After exporting them, we want to put them together (and that’s what’s not working).
Hope that helps.

thank you for the explanation. If the products are already geocoded (by Range Doppler Terrain Correction), the SAR Mosaic is worth a try.

To hopefully clear things up a little bit further, here is what I would like Snap to be able to do:

  • read multiple bursts as source products (BEAM-DIMAP as input format would be fine)
  • perform a SliceAssembly operation that combines all the bursts that were read
  • write product into a file that is readable by SNAP (for example as BEAM-DIMAP)

Here’s what it should look like in SNAP:

The goal is to be able to combine multiple bursts (potentially more than 2 like shown in the picture) that are geographically adjacent, even if they are from different products (this is important).
The product should basically be the same as what you get from the S1 Split Operation. Only difference would be the input. Instead of an entire scene with all the sub-swaths, the inputs are single bursts.

I feel like this would be an appropriate feature to add to the ( since it would greatly accelerate our research (and surely others as well!) at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT).

If there are any questions or anything else I can help with, please let me know!

SAR Mosaic is also not what I’m looking for, thanks for the suggestion, though!

Is there a way to open a “ticket” or a “feature request” for SNAP?
I would absolutely love to see this added functionality in the S1 Toolbox!

if you write a short but clear description, maybe with an example image, I’ll create a ticket for you.

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Add the option to use a set of bursts as input for “Slice Assembly” and assemble them. Bursts should be able to be off of different (consecutive) slices.
Here’s how an application of the requested feature could look like with 4 bursts as input out of 2 scenes (scenes are only there for visualization purposes):

Adding a new operator called “Burst Assembly” (or something similiar) would also be an option if that makes things easier.

Here’s what the current workflow looks like to achieve the same result:

If there is further explanation necessary to why this would be an appropriate feature to add, I’ll happily answer them.

thank you Steven, I created a ticket:

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Thank you so much!