Command Line Batch Processing (GPT)

Dear SNAP community!

I would like to automate my S2_2A image processing toolchain which includes:

  1. resampling image to 10m
  2. subsetting image to specific geographic region (field boundary)
  3. using biophysical processor to create LAI map
  4. exporting created LAI map as in GeoTIFF format.

Hence the parameters that vary in this process are input name, geographic region (wkt) and output.

So far I have created a graph and performed the process within SNAP with the batch processing tool, where for every field a generated x LAI maps with x S2_2A images.

Now I would like to fully automate this with gpt. I understand that with the unix script from Marco Peters I can create individual individual parameter files for each field (specifying geographic region) and then creating a loop to call the source directory and parameter list for each field.

My question is: What changes need to be done and where (xml or unix script) in order to export the images as tif files? lai_graph.xml (2.4 KB)

I’m not sure if I understand your question, because you already use GeoTiff as ouput format.
Maybe you want seperate files for each band?
Then take a look at this post: