Comment on results after unwrapping

Sorry to bother you with more questions.
You had mentioned that unwrapping is an iterative process. As I currently understand it, unwrapping the same dataset can produce different results based on that initial starting point. I tested this by unwrapping the same dataset twice and comparing the results and found that the results were the same. Could this be a coincidence or something else?

It is not really supposed to produce different results, but depending on the solving algorithm it can happen. If your result ia fine amd repeatable - good.

Okay, that all makes sense. I primarily use the Snaphu plugin in SNAP. Do you know where one could get information on the different settings? Specifically with the export settings as shown below.

yes, here: snaphu

And this is the publication which belongs to snaphu: Phase unwrapping for large SAR interferograms: statistical segmentation and generalized network models | IEEE Journals & Magazine | IEEE Xplore

Great, thanks!