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I compared the processing time of the Ocean Object Detection algorithm executed on the same Sentinel-1 GRD Image with two different versions of SNAP (5.0 and 8.0). There is a great difference between the two run times. What changes were developed in the new version of the algorithm?

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I think the algorithm hasn’t changed, but how SNAP reads and processes large raster data. Can you maybe provide comparisons regarding the computing time?

Hi Andreas,
the old computing time was more than 10 minutes. Now it’s less than 1’. Could you give more information about the changes?

I’m not entirely sure but there have been improvements regarding the memory usage. Some explanations are given here: SNAP 8.0 released – STEP but there were probably more improvements since version 5 which contributed to the higher performance.
Maybe @marpet and @lveci can point out which of them had the largest impact on the Ocean Object Detection.

It is difficult to say what has speed up this algorithm.
This is the full list of issues fixed since version 5 in SNAP and S1TBX: Issues fixed since version 5 SNAP and S1TBX

These are the issues which probably had an impact:

As far as i can see, the actual algorithm hasn’t changed much. How the features are handled could have an impact. @lveci can say more about it.

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