Comparing spectrum views of two scenes

I’d like to compare the spectral range of two scenes at the same location. Therefore, I synchronised the windows and draw a line. However, I only mentioned to see the spectrum of just one scene. Is it possible to see the spectrum for both scenes (following the line)?



try to make a stack of both images.
If you have geocoded data you can use Raster > Geometric Operations > Collocation.
In the case of SAR data in slant geometry you would need Radar > Coregistration > Coregistration.


@ABraun is suggesting the right way. An on the fly spectra comparison between multiple products is currently not possible, but I think it would be useful and many users would appreciate it. So I created a an issue for this for our further development.

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@ABraun Thanks for your suggestions. I will try that!
@marpet I definetly think, that would be a great feature and very useful. too.

I just found annother easy way to compare to scenes regarding their values at the same points.

You can create a line using the drawing tool. Then you can open the Toolbar “Clipboard” (under view) and simply use its copy and paste buttons in order to have the line in both scenes at the exact same position. Following, you can simply use the “Profile Plot” for both lines.
However, it is mandatory to synchronise both views before!

Hope this was helpful.