Compatible python version for Snap 8.0.0


I was trying to install snap 8.0.0 in a conda environment. Is python 3.9 compatible with snap 8.0.0? How do I find the supported python versions for each snap versions?

Thanks in advance.

The SNAP Python Installation WIKI gives:

The parameter <python-exe> must be the full path to the Python interpreter executable which you want to use with SNAP (supported versions are 2.7, 3.3 to 3.6).

SNAP bundles jpy binary wheels for these versions and several platforms, but note that the binary wheel may not work with all Python 3.6 versions (due to different compilers used for different Python distributions). If you will need access to other Python tools you may be better off building a jpy binary wheel for a more recent Python, but Python 3.6 is widely used for snappy so has been well tested and makes it easy for others to reproduce problems you encounter. Using a more recent Python is possible, but rather complex for someone who is new to command-line processing and Python:

  • You can build your own binary wheel using a more recent Python version, but you will need to install an OpenJDK 8 Java Development package and maven.

  • Recent Anaconda Python provides a different library also called “snappy”, so some Python skills are needed to ensure you are using the ESA SNAP snappy library in your Python scripts.