Complex Coherence with SNAP

Hello everyone,

is it possible to estimate the complex coherence between two RADARSAT-2 SLC images withSNAP? If I try to estimate the Coherence I get only float data but I need it in a complex form.

Thank you for your efforts!

Currently the toolbox cannot output complex coherence. But it could be available in future if there is such a requirement.

Helo Junlu,

thank you for your reply! I solved the problem with a flat earth removed interferogram from SNAP and a Python-script that I wrote.

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I am very interested in your work, and I am going to calculate complex coherence, co-polarized phase difference using MATLAB and geocode my data. May I share method and ideal with you?

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Hi can you explain to the community how you did that

Hello Zhuo,

I am also interested in your work. I don’t know if SNAP can be used to calculate the co-polarization complex coherence coefficient?