Compute ALBEDO

Hello Guys,

I am fairly new to remote sensing and sentinel 2 toolbox, and I would like to know how to compute albedo data on sentinel 2a ?

Maybe my question is too general, don’t hesitate to give me the steps, and i will try too look.


Did you take a look at this topic? IF your answer is yes, I’d prefer to merge your question there, Have a nice beginning with Remote Sensing, it is No border sea, Dive and enjoy.

Hi, Thank you for your response.
I have seen the topic, but i am struggling with the best way to implement the equation.

I should do it in Python, right ? Snappy ?


That’s why I told you to merge your topic there, because many experts could get to answer your question, I didn’t work before in S2 data.

ok no problem for merging the topic.

How do you merge it ?

The only way is to raise your question there once more, might be there is other way, but I don’t know, anyway, raise your question there again and I’d say to read all the posts there, later on you could ask, have a nice day.