Compute median over multiple images

it is possible to compute median of each pixel from multiple images of the same area?
Thank you

Assuming that your images have the same geographical footprint and the same projection, you can open all of them in SNAP and apply a band math on them. Here’s an example with 4 Sentinel-2 L2A products over the same area (40RDN):

Then you need to prefix each band with the product index in the formula, like in the Expression editor above.
Hope this helps.

Hi, thank you for your response. I have the same footprint and projection. I tried band maths, but median operator is missing in list of operators.

If the mean is okay for you, you can follow the approach Cosmin suggested. This has the benefit that the resolution is maintained.
But you could also us the mosaic tool.

If you need the median, you can use the binning tool.
Select the Percentile aggregator and set the value to 50.
Here the downside is that the reference system and the resolution are not maintained.

Hi, I need to compute median values. I will try binnig tool. Thank you.