Configuration in Range Doppler Terrain Correction

Hello everybody.
I am having problems with Range Doppler Terrain Correction. I use an external DTM, which is available in EPSG 4326. Is that correct? Can I use this or in which coordinate system does it have to be? Later I want to combine the grid with data in EPSG code 25833 in ArcMap. Which coordinate system do I have to set for Map projection in snap? When I set EPSG Code 4326, I get an error message. Which configuration would be correct here?

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the external DEM must be in WGS84, but the output Map Projection can be any other, e.g. UTM.


Do you know why I always get an error message when I set WGS 84 ( EPSG 4326) in Map Projection?

does it work with SRTM 1 ArcSec? Just to check if the external DEM is the problem.

No it doesn’t work…
But I think the DGM is OK. When I used it together with another map projection I don’t get an error message…

please try to select only VH to perform TC and please also test with VV only - maybe one of the bands is corrupt.

I tested it. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either…

ok, so the DEM is not the problem and the raster bands aren’t either…
Where is your area located?

Hello, it’s located in the East of Saxony in Germany.

can you please try UTM (Automatic) instead of WGS84 for a try?

Yes that worked. Even EPSG 25833code works.

so there is something wrong with the WGS84 projection. Is it an option to terrain correct to UTM and then reproject (using nearest nieighbor resampling) to WGS84?